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You will find Hair Extensions Amsterdam in the stylish building of La Maison Amsterdam, a barbershop and beauty salon on the Rozengracht in the center of the city. We work closely with the professionals of La Maison, a team of experienced hairdressers, color and beauty specialists.

Hair weaves are a great way to lengthen your hairstyle or create a full head of hair. The lanes are braided very precisely in your own hair. Unexpected loosening is not possible. The end result is as beautiful as it is natural. Because there is so much possible in terms of color and length, you can literally go in all directions with hair weaves. We are happy to advise you about this.'


Senior experts in Hairextensions, Cut an Color



Maria is the expert in hair weaves, a natural method to make hair fuller and longer through extensions. She followed her training at Extensielle in Belgium. In addition to hairweaves, Maria is also skilled in applying lash extensions and lash lifts. She masters her profession to perfection and only strives for the very best. Maria is happy to give you personal advice about the possibilities



Brigitte combines her passion for hairdressing and her years of experience with an attention for detail and personal attention for her customers. She has been the face of La Maison Amsterdam for several years: a stylish hair- and beauty saloon and the dutch flagship store of the french cosmetic brand La Biosthétique. Brigitte is as enthousiastic  about the products of  Djarling Hair Extensions as she is about La Biosthétique. "A fantastic product! It is amazing that we can offer this to our clients now, too."



Olga is an Extensions specialist and senior cutting and coloring stylist. She comes from Moldova, where she has learned the trade to perfection and has lived in the Netherlands for several years. Here she has developed into one of the best hair extension professional specialized in Extensile micro rings and she is trained according to The Culture of Total Beauty of La Biosthétique. She is also an expert in the field of eyelash perm and extensions.



For the best and most creative take on glamorous hair and makeup, Morgan is the place to be. Whether she needs to style her for a shoot, fashion event or create a glamorous hairstyle for a night out with friends, nothing is too crazy. With every treatment, the goal is perfection. As a former Revlon Professional representative, you as a customer know that Morgan is in good hands. Morgan strives to be ahead of trends and to remain as unique as possible in the hairdressing world, whatever hairstyle you desire. Morgan makes you shine.

human hair

The very best quality extensions

Hair Extensions Amsterdam only works with the highest quality extensions. Because these unique extensions perfectly match European hair, many customers almost forget that they have an extension. Because it is such a fantastic and comfortable way to wear, you can only enjoy a full head of hair.

Not harmful to hair and scalp

Invisible Confirmation

Only real human hair

Perfect end result

Cutting and coloring possible


Expert advice

We take the time to discuss your wishes and explain the possibilities of hairweaves. During an initial consultation, we look at the condition of your own hair and choose a color. We also determine the length and thickness of your new haircut and how many hair strands are needed for this. Once the weaves have been used, you will receive extensive advice on hair care, combing, washing and styling. This allows you to significantly extend the life of the weaves. After some time, a maintenance visit will follow to update the roots. The hair weaves are loosened and reattached. This way you can enjoy your beautiful extensions for a very long time!

La Maison Amsterdam

More than Hair extensions

Color experts

Our specialists at La Maison can not only place the extensions but can give the extensions and your natural hair together the desired color and appearance so that no difference is visible.

Hairdressers and Stylists

In addition to hair extensions, specialized hairdressers and stylists work at La Maison Amsterdam. The coming together of these expertise in the Flagship store of La Biosthetique ensures the very best results.

Customer experiences

Read how our customers experience a visit to La Maison Amsterdam. Real experiences from real people. Customers rate a visit to La Maison Amsterdam with an average of 4.5 stars.



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Special! I have been driving to Amsterdam every 4 weeks for coloring my hair for 1.5 years. Extensions are also placed. Because this is braided by hand, my hair does not suffer any damage and it looks very natural. Even though it gets dyed, my hair has never looked so healthy.



I cannot express how happy I am with the result every time I entrust my head to La Maison team. Everyone in the team is absolutely ingenious, professional and a very nice person! The last haircut by Brigitte was just magic: I was not very detailed in explaining what I wanted, but she felt my personality/mood, and styled my hair exactly the way I was trying to for several years, and she did it perfectly! Highly recommend!



I love coming to this place everytime again, the quality is great and the staff is super friendly and professional! I can def recommend this place!!



Got so many compliments from my friends!!! Saw other staff's cutting hair of other clients and was pleasantly surprised by the transformation. Everyone left looking great.


First of all, a little braid is made against the scalp by hand. After that the Hair Extensions are precisely attached with needle and thread. Then the extensions will be cut in a way in which they will blend beautifully and naturally with your own hair.

A weave is a type of extension. There are different types, such as glued instead of  braided extensions. Hair weaves are plats of hair which are attached to a braid. This technique creates volume and lengthening.

It isn’t damaging to your own hair or scalp, because we won’t use any chemicals in the attachment or the removal process. It is 100% natural.

The used Hair Extensions are developed in a way that prevents your hair or scalp to be overburdened. The hair weaves are delicate, thin plats which won’t be fastened too tightly against the scalp.

The attachment won’t hurt. The first few days the weaves might feel a little tight, but afterwards you won’t notice any difference with your own hair.

Our Hair Extensions are made from the highest quality human hair. Due to the unique weaving system and because the structure corresponds to the Western hair and therefore also to the Dutch hair, the Extensielle hair extensions fuse with your own hair.

Usually the weaves need to be re-attached somewhere between four and eight weeks. This depends on the speed at which your own hair grows and how well you maintain your weaves.

Hair extensions last approximately six months, however it does depend on the colour, length and care.

The hair plats are interwoven with the own hair. This braiding technique causes the hair to be attached tightly and can’t suddenly get loose or fall off.

Your own hair needs to be approximately 15 centimeters. But you are welcome to visit us to discuss the possibilities.

Basically you treat the extensions the same as your own hair. You can wash and comb it as you were used to before the extensions.

However, it is important to apply conditioner or leave in conditioner after each time you wash your hair. After that make sure you comb it, dry it by air or blow-drier and possibly style it.

The weaves are fit for every hair type, but the amount differs on your own hair and your wishes.

The Hair Extensions are specially developed for European hair. They are soft, have a fine structure and come in many color nuances that match your own hair color perfectly. The specialists at La Maison are only able to place the extensions but, because they are specialized hairdressers, the extensions and your hair can together give the desired colors and model so that no difference is visible.

Your own hair can be dyed once the extensions are put in. The colour specialists from La Maison Amsterdam are very willing to give you advice.

For inquiries and information concerning Hair Extensions you can walk by La Maison. If you want extensive advice concerning colour, length and the amount of extensions, we advice to make an appointment. Then we will give you a personal consult and a price indication.

There are more than you think! In the past, extensions used to be solely for popstars and other famous artists, however nowadays it is established in the rest of society, too.

In time it will probably be just as normal as cutting or dying hair. The look of Hair Extensions is very naturally, so you won’t be able to separate the extensions from your own hair.

The first appointment takes a little longer than the following appointments, because we start with a personal consult. We will discuss your wishes, pick a colour and decide on the length and amount of weaves. According to that we will make a price estimate.

After that, the extensions will be cut and put in, in such a way that it will look naturally.

This takes approximately 2 or 3 hours. A follow-up appointment during which the weaves are re-attached, takes less time.

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